We had a sled lock up in the back country. We had a Buddy Tow PRO along, and MAN, did that thing save us time and effort! It may be a simple product, but it really works!! Thanks.

Tim L.

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25 miles from anywhere and broke driveshaft locking track

We were on a trip in northern mn had a driveshaft brake in half blowing chain case apart and locking track. I had bought one of these sets but knew we were going to damage it with 144 studs in track, we pulled this sled 25 miles with studs across 3 roads with 1 man on drive sled no one on broke down sled no burnt belts no hurt backs. Only pin holes in it from studs and a little rash from roads and it's still useable. I now own 3 (1 on each sled) we would have had to cut the track off if we didn't have this with.!! Even if you never use it it only takes once its money in the bank buy one!

Ben A
Buffalo mn

Buddy Tow - Snow Bike

Hey Tom,

The product is outstanding. Way easier to fit than I expected. I can put the whole thing into my Klim NicNak backpack and still have room for my other stuff.

It’s so light but no surprise given it’s just plastic. It installs in a couple of minutes. The only difference with the snowbike vs sled is that I cannot easily lock the brake.

So my solution instead is to bungee the front of the BuddyTow to the frame of the bike itself rather than the bike rotating track.

It’s great on the uphill and great on the flat. If on a camber, the rear can slide out if the lead bike that is towing hasn’t cut much of a track because the snow is hard packed. Downhill is still an issue and always will be. The 2 runners you supplied help keep it tracking in hard pack, but anything steep is an issue and we had to unhook the tow rope and instead paddle downhill alone with the rear of the bike sliding left or right depending on the camber. As I say, that can’t easily be fixed and you can deal with this well enough.

So in summary, snow bikes have many mechanicals (we reckon 25% for our group this season!!). I would now never ride without this. It just saves the drama and gets you out quickly and with relative ease. Please forward this to any other snow bikers out there and feel free to give my email

Best wishes,



The Premier Dead Sled Towing Product

I have had to use the Buddy Tow on more than one occasion and it is the premier dead sled towing product. It's lightweight and durable, and makes the towed sled virtually weightless! I would recommend this product to all brands of sledders!! Keep Rockin'!!


Sky Donovan
North Dakota

Great Snowmobile Towing Product!

On a trip to West Yellowstone this winter, a buddy's crank broke, locking up the track. We worked our tails off and wasted a full day hauling his sled in. I came home and searched "snowmobile towing products" and found the Buddy Tow. Man, I wish we had had one that day. I've bought the PRO model, and while I hope I never need it, I'm sure glad to have one on hand.

Rick T.

Trouble in Deep Snow

I was in a group riding in Colorado when we had a sled go down 10 miles from the trailer. The snow was deep and we were in a tough spot. We were glad we had a Buddy Tow along. That thing saved the day for us!

John W.,
North Dakota

LOVE the Buddy Tow!

Got this just in time. A fellow rider broke down in the rhubarb and it saved the day for us! Thanks Buddy Tow!!

Sam Wilson
Wilson's Carpentry