Instructions and Use

Thank you for purchasing our product. We’re confident that when you need it, you’ll agree the Buddy Tow was a good investment. To properly install the Buddy Tow and ensure safety, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below or click to view/download instructions as a .pdf.

BEFORE USING THE BUDDY TOW FOR THE FIRST TIME: Pay attention to how it looks when rolled. Notice how the runners (PRO model) are inserted through the attachment cords and how the cords are “crossed” to keep the Buddy Tow tightly rolled. This will be helpful when you re-roll your Buddy Tow.


Set the disabled snowmobile on its side and lock the brake. It is important the brake be locked because the track may rotate slightly while being towed and ruin the Buddy Tow. If the brake lock is inoperable, Snowriders, LLC recommends a rider sit on the disabled sled while towing to apply the brake manually.

Unhook the gold hooks and unroll the Buddy Tow. The decal represents the leading end of the Buddy Tow and should face the snow when the sled is set upright. Hook the gold hooks into open “windows” on the front end of the track as far into the tunnel as possible. It may be necessary to open the hook ends slightly to fit into the track windows. NOTE: If necessary, unlock the brake temporarily and rotate the track until the leading edge of the Buddy Tow fits up into the tunnel area.

Roll the Buddy Tow along the length of the track. The “L” brackets near the middle will rest on either side of the track. It may be necessary to bend the L brackets open a little to fit your track. The PRO model includes 2 runners, and you will notice holes on the Buddy Tow right behind the L brackets. The LITE model does NOT include runners.

Insert runners (PRO model only). The runners are inserted by looping from the inside of the sheet through the front hole and back up through the rear hole. When properly installed, the runner ends should be between the track surface and the plastic sheet.

Hold the rear portion of the Buddy Tow against the track, pull firmly on each rear gold hook and attach them into open windows on the track, as done in step 2. Your track length will determine how far up into the rear of the tunnel your Buddy Tow will be attached. It is VERY IMPORTANT the Buddy Tow be attached to your track as tightly as possible.

To complete installation, attach the side cord by running it through your track suspension and hooking it to the “L” bracket located on the opposite side. Your Buddy Tow is now ready for use, and the disabled snowmobile can be set upright. BEFORE TOWING, read the “Towing Warnings and Precautions” section below.

The safe operation and use of any motorized vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator. The operators of the towing and towed vehicles must always use good judgment and common sense.
• The Buddy Tow is designed for towing disabled snowmobiles ONLY. It is not to be used for other purposes, such as a sledding device. The Buddy Tow is intended to be used on snow surfaces. It will not be warranted when used on other rough surfaces, such as pavement or gravel.
• Towing a snowmobile carries inherent risk: use the Buddy Tow at your own risk. Use of helmet and other appropriate safety equipment is strongly encouraged.
• Do not exceed 15 mph when towing a disabled sled. This will reduce “fishtailing” of the towed snowmobile that may occur at higher speeds. It may be necessary to traverse hilly terrain while using the Buddy Tow. In such instances, read and follow the “Towing Suggestions” section below.
• Snowriders, LLC, manufacturer of the Buddy Tow, will not be responsible for improper use, damage, injury or death resulting from use of the Buddy Tow product.

• When towing a snowmobile, we recommend using our 3-Point Tow Kit (see photos at right). It’s been designed with the proper loops and latches to make towing safer and more effective, and is the perfect companion to the Buddy Tow. The tow kit can be ordered from us along with your Buddy Tow.
• Use of the 3-point tow kit is recommended for towing on flat surfaces only. Should you have to tow a disabled sled up and down hills, we strongly recommend you securely tie a ski of the towed sled directly to one side of the rear bumper of the towing sled. This method will result in slight “fishtailing” of the towed sled at higher speeds, however will sufficiently control steering and speed of the towed sled when you must go up or down hill.

The Buddy Tow will give you years of reassurance on the snow if used properly. Remember to pay close attention to how the Buddy Tow looks when you receive it.
• During manufacture, we warm the back end of the Buddy Tow (end opposite the decal) by placing it near an electric heat source for a few minutes. This makes the plastic pliable and easier to roll tightly. You will find this step makes rolling it much easier.
• Remove the runners (PRO model only) and place them through the attachment cord. With the Buddy Tow on the floor, begin rolling the plastic as tightly as possible. Maintain constant pressure as you continue rolling. The center bungee should be stretched AWAY from the Buddy Tow for later attachment.
• With the Buddy Tow rolled up, place your knee on the unit to hold it in place. Grasp the gold hook protruding from the left INSIDE of the roll, and the gold hook from the RIGHT outside of the roll. Stretch them so the hooks connect. Repeat the process with the RIGHT inside hook and LEFT outside hook. Finally, stretch the center bungee cord so the hook attaches to the opposite end of the Buddy Tow.