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Custom-made Buddy Tow for your Snow Bike!  The snow bike phenomenon is growing every year as riders are discovering the thrill of conquering the snow on their converted dirt bike!

But, as with even the best sleds, mechanical failure can occur, and you may find yourself needing help to get that crotch rocket back to the trailer.

Snowriders will custom make a Buddy Tow to fit your snow bike based on the width and length of your track. If you’d like to order, call our toll free number—888-293-2079—and we can have one on its way to you within a few days.

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At Snowriders, LLC, we believe there are inherent risks in towing a snow bike that are quite different than when using our product on a snowmobile. For this reason, we feel the need to make sure our snow bike customers understand and acknowledge the increased potential for personal injury or damage by signing a waiver of liability as part of their purchase.

By clicking the link below, you can read, print and sign the waiver and return it to us in one of the following ways:
– scan as a PDF file and email to us at
– print and sign, then mail to us at: Snowriders, LLC, 2785 Pamela Pl., Minden, NV  89423
– fill out our online waiver form.

Next, measure your snow bike track using the graphic above as a guide, and give us a call at our toll free number, 1-888-293-2079, or e-mail us to complete the purchase. Please have your credit card info with you as well and we can get your order processed and on its way to you!

The Snow Bike Buddy Tow is a new product for 2017-18 season and we appreciate your patience as we work it into our typical purchase procedure on our website. In the meantime, let us help you get your hands on one more tool to help you enjoy the incredible outdoors in winter!

Review from Peter Harrison

Feel free to contact Peter about his experience with the Buddy Tow for his snow bike:

Hey Tom,

The product is outstanding. Way easier to fit than I expected. I can put the whole thing into my Klim NicNak backpack and still have room for my other stuff.

It’s so light but no surprise given it’s just plastic. It installs in a couple of minutes. The only difference with the snow bike vs sled is that I cannot easily lock the brake.

So my solution instead is to bungee the front of the BuddyTow to the frame of the bike itself rather than the bike rotating track.

It’s great on the uphill and great on the flat. If on a camber, the rear can slide out if the lead bike that is towing hasn’t cut much of a track because the snow is hard packed. Downhill is still an issue and always will be. The 2 runners you supplied help keep it tracking in hard pack, but anything steep is an issue and we had to unhook the tow rope and instead paddle downhill alone with the rear of the bike sliding left or right depending on the camber. As I say, that can’t easily be fixed and you can deal with this well enough.

So in summary, snow bikes have many mechanicals (we reckon 25% for our group this season!!). I would now never ride without this. It just saves the drama and gets you out quickly and with relative ease. Please forward this to any other snow bikers out there and feel free to give my email

Best wishes,


Tahoe, NV