Question: What’s the difference between the Buddy Tow Pro and the Buddy Tow Lite?

Answer: Both models are constructed of high quality HMW plastic. The Pro is long enough to fit all mountain sled track lengths and widths (up to 16″ wide) and includes two stabilizing runners. The Lite will fit tracks up to 144″ long and does not include the stabilizing runners. We will also custom-make you a Buddy Tow if you’ve got a wider track. Give us a call!

Question: Can a Buddy Tow be used on studded tracks?

Answer: Yes it can, however we’ve been told by customers with studded tracks that the studs have punctured the UHMW plastic sheet. There may have been extenuating circumstances that caused that to occur which we are not aware of. We believe that the Buddy Tow will still perform satisfactorily when attached per our instructions. Unfortunately, we do not guarantee the Buddy Tow in the event studs do puncture the plastic sheet.

Question: What are the most important things to know when attaching a Buddy Tow?

Answer: Make CERTAIN the parking brake is applied before attempting to move the disabled snowmobile. If it is not, the track may creep, putting stress on the metal “L” brackets that connect the center bungee and damaging them or the plastic sheet. When attaching the Buddy Tow to your track, pull the bungee cords as tightly as possible, and be sure the center bungee strap is run through the track suspension. This will ensure the Buddy Tow stays in place without shifting.

Question: What are the dimensions of the Buddy Tow?

Answer: The Buddy Tow PRO is 15″ wide and 75″ long. When rolled up the PRO’s diameter is approximately 4-5″. It will work on sleds with 16″ wide tracks. You will have to slightly bend the “L” brackets out to fit on the sides of the wider tracks. The LITE model is 15″ wide and 60″ long and has a diameter of approximately 4″. It will also fit tracks up to 16″ wide. We can custom-make a Buddy Tow for utility sleds with wider tracks.

Question: How much does a Buddy Tow weigh?

Answer: The Buddy Tow PRO model weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds. The LITE model weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Question: Will the Buddy Tow fit on my snowmobile?

Answer: The Buddy Tow is designed to fit track lengths ranging from 121″ or longer, making it universal and able to work on nearly all snowmobiles. As far as “physically” fitting on your sled, it will fit in larger tunnel bags; store it in a backpack; and it can be attached to the tunnel of a sled in any manner you see fit. You’ll figure it out!

Question: How is Buddy Tow different from a cheaper kids toboggan?

Answer: This one always makes us smile! The Buddy Tow is much different. The Buddy Tow is made of high quality, extremely durable, ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) that won’t crack or freeze, making it reusable. It is custom designed for snowmobile tracks, includes all hardware to secure it in place, and the PRO model has runners to minimize fish-tailing. Most importantly, you can take the Buddy Tow with you on the trail or into the back country. Try hauling a plastic toboggan around with you all day!! The Buddy Tow will show its true value the very first time you use it!

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